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November 2019 – Present

Position: IT Engineer

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Position: IT Network & Communication Engineer

From: June 2012 – Nov 2019

Job Descriptions

  • Configuring & Managing firewall in different offices (Dubai, Muscat, Malaysia, Singapore & Saudi).

  • Updating firmware and making necessary configuration changes when required.

  • Configuring & Managing Data & Voice Network Switches in different Offices.

  • Configuring & Managing Netgear Access Points both Standalone AP’s.

  • Configuring access points with Radius server.

  • Configuring & Managing Cisco AP’s (converting CAPWAP to ME & Configuring and adding to Radius).

  • Supporting SDWAN Provider in installing and making the necessary changes on the Site SDWAN Device.

  • Prepare & Plan network & Connectivity with Equipment diagram when setting up a new office.

  • Organize everything for the office to be fully functional.

  • Managing & Monitoring HP SAN & Synology NAS storages. Replace hard drive when required.

  • Managing & Monitoring Hyper V & VMware servers and change allocated resources when system needs.

  • Managing Helpdesk Tickets (Local Office and Supporting international Offices)

  • Managing File Servers and Domain controllers in Local & Cloud Servers.

  • Installing Windows server updates and scheduling system restart without affecting staff.

  • Installing Windows 10 Updates and Lenovo System updates and making sure all system are fully up to date.

  • Updating all IT Equipment’s with Latest firmware Updates (Switches, WAP’s, Printers, Firewalls)

  • Providing IT support to Dubai, Muscat, Malaysia, Singapore & Saudi users.

  • Providing IT support to UK & US offices and teammates to complete the task on time.

  • Monitor Site-to-Site network link quality & Speed.

  • Raise issue with ISP Providers according to Office location.

  • Contacting MPLS provider (GTT) in case of any Latency issue.

  • Managing printers via group policy for all offices and make changes when required.

  • Configuring Network scanners and allow access to users.

  • Sending Starter/Leavers/Movers form to the concerned Team leader or Director and submitting to helpdesk for processing.

  • Setting up User account in Active Directory & Create mailbox account.

  • Enable access to file servers, Proof point account, shared folders & restricted folders on the server

  • Add to email signature & VPN access groups and deleting the same for Leavers.

  • In case of movers, move the concerned account to the required OU.

  • Creating outlook calendars for Software Booking, Meeting Rooms & Teams.

  • Create & Update email signature template on Xink Portal and run the script to push the updates to user machines.

  • Create Skype for Business account for new starters and deleting account for leavers.

  • Setup Mitel/Shoretel Account for Telephony purpose and assign a desk phone to each user.

  • Create Mitel mobility account for Senior staff (Approved by Director)

  • Create folders in Egress for File sharing and help users in accessing & sharing contents with clients.

  • Maintaining spreadsheet with all software license details and request quote and proceed with renewal before expiry.

  • Purchase software’s as instructed by Director and getting concerned approval.

  • Raise PO and Submitting Invoice to the Accounts departments for processing payment.

  • Maintaining IT equipment’s Asset log.

  • Requesting Quote and renewing Servers Carepack before expiry.

  • Purchase IT accessories & Office Consumables from local Suppliers.

  • Ordering Laptops & other equipment’s through ACSL and contacting local ACSL supplier regarding delivery.

  • Contacting Lenovo for any warranty claims.

  • Managing proofpoint (Email Security) and help our staff to identify spam emails and release filtered emails.

  • Managing Sophos day to day logs and scanning machines those virus updates are out of date.

  • Contact users whose machine got flagged by any virus or Malware notification and take appropriate action.

  • Managing USB device access & restriction.

  • Managing Door access controller Issues new cards to staff, Printing Cards, checking log.

  • Test the device health and take backup of database at regular intervals.

  • Maintaining & monitoring Daily and Weekly full back up using CA Arc Serve & Rubrik backup software.

  • Help staff in restoring the file in case of accidental deletion from the file server.

Position: IT Engineer

From: March 2008 – May 2012

Job Descriptions

  • Manage and administer Hardware and Network related problems around four hundred Users.

  • Installs and maintains hardware and software products and configure pc and network equipment according to standards.

  • Maintaining Security, Sharing And Accessing Files and Folders.

  • Domain and Work Group maintenance for all and solving the users related problems.

  • Installation and Troubleshooting Microsoft Applications.

  • Remote Desktop support for all departments using remote desktop and net meeting.

  • Configuring and Troubleshooting all LAN and networks related issues.

  • Installation and Maintain Network printers in all departments.

  • Manages and monitors servers.

  • Configuring Routers with access restriction and policy.

  • Connecting, Configuring & testing Network Printers & Plotters.

  • Provides Technical support & product updates to users.

  • Implementing, Monitoring &Troubleshooting Network Protocols and services.

  • Scheduling hardware and operating system changes and up gradation.

  • Software packages installation, upgrading and maintenance.

  • Restricts Users from accessing Internet and shared folders through Security and Permission Settings.

  • Identifies, evaluates and corrects hardware and software problems.

  • Analyze user requirements.

  • Implementing system and its security monitoring.

  • Finalization of documentation manuals and training to users.

  • Provide support and details for I.T purchasing proposals.

  • Ensure focus on users requirements throughout the project and maintaining a good customer relationship.

  • To manage any additional assignment given by the IT Manager.

  • To finalize specification of the hardware needed to run the application system.

  • To plan, supervise and provide technical support for site offices/head office I.T operation and perform related work.

  • Incorporating new, and upgrading existing systems.

  • Periodic checking, analyzing and implementation of fault systems.

  • Performing periodic backup of data.

  • Adding and deleting network users.

  • Making sure that virus protection software is up-to-date, and cleaning any viruses that infect staff computers.

  • Training and assisting staff in using hardware and software efficiently.